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Leadership Coaching

Dr. Z's Coaching helps you to assess what is working in your personal life and career, identify and address what may stand between you and your full potential, and provide you with the practical tools to fix what can be fixed and manage what must be managed.

Invest in results

Leadership Coaching helps managers at all levels and senior executives strengthen and develop their leadership and management skills in order to compete and thrive in a corporate or entrepreneurial environment. Success in life requires focus and intention. 

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Large company ideas

Dr. Z started his corporate career at an entry-level position and worked his way up to the top of a Fortune 500 company by using his natural talents and relational skills. 

Emotionally intelligent

Learn to be emotionally intelligent, sensitive to the cultural demands of society, better communication skills, and how to manage your professional and personal life with a sound strategic plan. 

Career coaching

Dr. Z has worked in large scale corporate settings as well as in startup companies and has expertise in key aspects of running a successful business and in selecting and following a successful career path.

Seek lasting change

Through simple and practical advice, Dr. Z helps you identify core beliefs that must be changed, assist you in changing them, and ensure that the changes are sustainable over time.

Success comes naturally when you invest yourself

Get the kind of guidance that helps you succeed.

Dr. Z's Total Coaching Plan TCP_

Dr. Z's total coaching plan TCP_ is for busy entrepreneurs and executives who simply do not have the time to schedule office visits and need the flexibility of being able to call on their coach and advisor anytime the need arises.
Dr. Z has only a limited number of slots available in this program.
Request more information about TCP_ in the contact form.

Other Available Plans

6-Month Behavioral Coaching Program

Comprehensive, confidential pre-work assessment
Initial 90-minute strategy session
Clearly identified individual needs and wants
Five in-depth interviews 
Twelve 60-minute private coaching sessions
1 follow-up session at 90 days
Unlimited email support

12-month Behavioral Coaching Program

Comprehensive, confidential pre-work assessment
Initial 90-minute strategy session
Clearly identified individual needs and wants
Five in-depth interviews
12 sixty-minute private coaching sessions
Up to two 10-minute check-in calls per month
Unlimited email support

7-Hour Coaching Intensive

Discover your unique value proposition
Work on your mission statement
Embrace your unique style
Create a specific plan to use your strengths and natural talents
Two same-day 2-hour private coaching sessions
One working lunch session
Two 60-minute private coaching sessions (phone or Zoom)

The brain-based program
Module 1

Goal: Accelerate learning and install new behaviors through brain-based strategies.
Format: This program consists of four modules. Each module is covered over the course of two sessions.

Module I: Learn to Make Decisions & Solve Problems
Explores the building blocks of neuroscience, including basic brain anatomy and function, and dives into the science behind memory, attention, and insight. This content is delivered in plain-English by Dr. Z. 

The brain-based program
Modules 2 and 3

Module II: Learn to Regulate Emotions
Explores the neuroscience of emotions and how learning to regulate them can bring about lasting improvements in your professional and private life, and in relationships. Introduces the concepts of emotional intelligence.

Module III: Learn to Collaborate
Explores the neuroscience of the “social” brain and mirror neurons, and how to improve the effectiveness of your interactions through the application of emotional intelligence.

The brain-based program
Module 4

Module IV: Learn to Facilitate Change
Explores the neuroscience of change, why it is hard on most people, and how you can become a positive change agent in your personal life and in your organization.

Coaching Clients

I have coached C-level, mid-level, and rising star executives with these companies: