Dr. Z’s extensive experience in results-oriented leadership coaching assignments includes successful coaching assignments with the following (partial list) executive coachees :

Chief Financial Officer, Investment Management Company

The C-level executive responsible for the management of corporate finance had a significant influence on the executive team, because of his role in managing the company at a critical juncture of high growth and increased competition. Work-life balance had suffered, as well as his ability to effectively lead a key member of his team who had experienced personal issues.
Assessments: Benchmarks™ 360°Assessment, Change Style Indicator©, FIRO-B©
Coaching Strategy: The executive’s value to the organization and his track record were being undermined by high stress, increased anxiety, and a uncharacteristic drop in interpersonal effectiveness. These situational traits which became the focus of the coaching assignment.

CEO and Founder, International Retailer

The youngest son in the founding family. Started the international division in Geneva, Switzerland to promote a new concept, a franchise/ownership scheme to promote the distribution of the company’s products via mail order catalogs worldwide. Moves his location to the US headquarters in Atlanta, GA.
Assessments: Benchmarks™ 360°Assessment, Change Style Indicator©, FIRO-B©
Coaching Strategy: Focused on a vision and culture, concentrating on the principles that would be a guiding light for him and his staff. Focus on implementing the building blocks that would achieve this vision and culture. Link each part (marketing, hiring, client services, and the performance of staff) of his business to key performance indicators. Coaching from a strong business background, looking at plans and offering an honest critique of his business skills.

CEO, Specialty Chemical Manufacturer

CEO of the parent company; also directly manages the international division. Decides to seek coaching, due to some difficulties in adjusting to international practices and policies, and properly translating them into applicable practices and policies for all customers.
Assessments: MBTI, Benchmarks™ 360°Assessment, FIRO-B©

CEO, Publisher

Interested in the acquisition of international advertisers for his network of business publications in the US. Since he has never done business with European advertisers before, wishes to be coached on sound business etiquette and practices in approaching potential advertisers in the key markets of France, Germany, and Italy.
Coaching Strategy: Facilitated learning process and collaborative approach, which resulted in discovering new ways to be effective and efficient while honoring the cultural differences.
Assessments: Change Style Indicator©, FIRO-B©

CFO, Major Aerospace Corporation and US Government Contractor

A rising star in the IT support division of the company. He has been promoted to a high responsibility position, two grades above the level of his peers who used to work with him as equals. Is finding it difficult to negotiate priorities and establish his leadership with his former peers.
Assessment: MBTI, Benchmarks™ 360°Assessment, FIRO-B©, QuadLead™

CIO, Major International Hospitality Company

CIO, newly promoted, and has been in this position for a few months. Has problems of miscommunication and perceived sexism when relating to female team members. He has been asked to get some additional training and coaching in inter-gender relationships at work.
Assessments: MBTI, Conflict Dynamics Profile, FIRO-B©

CIO and international team, Leading International Insurance Company

Has determined that his team of technical staff and US managers is having difficulties in relating to other team members with a newly acquired subsidiary, as well as coordinating with corporate information systems staff in Europe. He wants to be more proactive and be able to offer solutions to resolve the frequent misunderstandings that occur. He also has difficulties in managing his temper and is interested in learning more about emotional intelligence at work.
Assessments: MBTI, Benchmarks™ 360°Assessment
Coaching strategy: Facilitated executive team meetings to clarify vision and strategy, resolving cross-boundary conflicts and strengthening leadership. Developed and facilitated joint team meetings to support business culture differences and effectively manage process issues. Developed and facilitated cross-functional Divisional Leadership Teams, IT Ops Teams, local Leadership and Supply Chain Teams. Led consulting team of ten that designed, delivered and evaluated division-wide leadership development training for senior and middle level managers, supervisors and operators. Provided strategic mentoring to executives to support initiatives. Developed 360 degree appraisal process, and conducted work-lifestyle workshops for employees and management to improve processes. Designed and implemented employee and community needs assessments regarding work initiatives.

SVP and international team, Major Automotive Manufacturer

In charge of providing leadership to the newly created marketing team for the re-launch of an existing automobile marque in the United States, a team composed of Italians and Americans who must work together with minimal friction and communication issues.
Assessments: MBTI, FIRO-B©

SVP, Bond Trading, Large Financial Services Corporation

A very senior member of the team of bond traders at the Corporation and he is faced with a difficult situation. He and his best trader, slated to be promoted to a managerial position, had a falling out a while back before the promotion was envisioned. Since then, their interactions have been cold and distant between them. The individual’s performance makes it necessary for him to create a better working relationship with him.
Assessments: MBTI, FIRO-B©

Senior Manager, Leading Business School

Has been put in charge of developing a better international reach for the University’s school of business by creating alliances and partnerships with other selected schools abroad, especially in Europe. While he understands the essentials of his new job and is qualified for the position, he has never interacted with Europeans and needs to receive some coaching on the proper approach.
Assessments: MBTI, Change Style Indicator©

Division Manager, Major Consumer Electronics Manufacturer

A Japanese-American responsible for the personnel division, which hires and retains all key US staff at this location. He has experienced significant turnover at the lower management level, supervisory and shift management. His boss has let him know that the level of t/o is not acceptable and has asked him to investigate the causes. He and his boss suspect that the company is not providing the right environment for its managers.
Assessments: Denison Organizational Culture Survey

Commissioner, State International Development Board

Has been handling the Northern European development of business for the state for several years. He has now decided to bid for the Southern half of Europe (Spain, Italy, Greece, and Turkey) and covets the additional responsibility and income that this may bring. He needs coaching in understanding the dynamics of business in these countries, and how to best approach individuals who may be influential and thus create opportunities. At the same time, he needs to be able to make the case to the Commissioner that he is the best qualified to handle this new business.
Assessments: MBTI, FIRO-B©

Owner and Founder, Regional Coaching Organization

Founded a new coaching organization in Canada that has been successful only in Quebec. Now he plans to take the organization national.
Assessments: Change Style Indicator©, QuadLead™

Owner, International Distribution Company

Feels that he is being sidestepped in the reorganization of the company. He and his team have been bypassed in the recent mergers and acquisitions, and they have seen their responsibilities shrink.
Assessments: FIRO-B©

Founder, Start-up Internet Retailer

The former business manager of a soft drink company who started an online Internet retail business. Has been relatively successful but feels he could be doing better. He wanted to increase the dollar amount of his average sale so that he would be able to hire a marketing assistant. This would allow him to spend more time marketing to larger accounts.
Assessments: FIRO-B©
Coaching strategy: Provide him with an opportunity to ‘download’ and talk about his business challenges and problems and then discuss the best ways to go about solving those problems. Coaching focus adjusted to his needs and that of the business. This included helping him to interview and screen new employees, design marketing programs including logo design, brochures, website, newsletter and seminars.

Founder, Start-up Internet Video Surveillance Corporation

Assessments: Change Style Indicator©, FIRO-B©

Senior Manager, Worldwide Advertising Agency

Assessments: Benchmarks™ 360°Assessment

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