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Behavioral Coaching helps you to assess what is working in your personal life and career, identify and address what may stand between you and your full potential, and provide you with the practical tools to fix what can be fixed and manage what must be managed. Learn more →

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Behavioral Coaching helps managers at all levels and senior executives strengthen and develop their leadership and management skills in order to compete and thrive in a corporate or entrepreneurial environment. Success in life requires focus and intention. Learn more →

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The kind of experience that helps people succeed

Dr. Z started his corporate career at an entry-level position and worked his way up to the top of a Fortune 500 company by using his natural talents and relational skills. His passion is to help others learn to be emotionally intelligent, sensitive to the cultural demands of society, perfect communication skills, and actively and intentionally manage their professional and personal lives with a sound strategic plan. Dr. Z has worked in large scale corporate settings as well as in startup companies and has expertise in key aspects of running a successful business and in selecting and following a successful career path.

My mission is clear. I want to help people change their behavior, learn to behave better for their own sake and for the sake of their families and colleagues. As PhD-level clinician and coach, I can help you understand how your negative core beliefs trigger negative behaviors. Through simple and practical advice, I help you identify core beliefs that must be changed, assist you in changing them, and ensure that the changes are sustainable over time.

Using Hard Science to Transform Leadership Coaching

The Brain-based Program
Goal: Accelerate learning and install new behaviors through brain-based strategies.
Format: This program consists of four modules. Each module is covered over the course of two sessions.
Module I: Learn to Make Decisions & Solve Problems
Explores the building blocks of neuroscience, including basic brain anatomy and function, and dives into the science behind memory, attention, and insight. This content is delivered in plain-English language by Dr. Z.
Module II: Learn to Regulate Emotions
Explores the neuroscience of emotions and how learning to regulate them can bring about lasting improvements in your professional and private life, and in relationships. Introduces the concepts of emotional intelligence.
Module III: Learn to Collaborate
Explores the neuroscience of the “social” brain and mirror neurons, and how to improve the effectiveness of your interactions through the application of emotional intelligence.
Module IV: Learn to Facilitate Change
Explores the neuroscience of change, why it is hard on most people, and how you can become a positive change agent in your personal life and in your organization.

Dr. Z’s Cultural Leadership Program


High-performing leaders drive high-performing multi-cultural organizations


Multicultural leader development through cultural fluency


Cross-cultural effectiveness by working with a global mindset, leading diverse teams, working with differences instead of against them

High-performing leaders drive high-performing multi-cultural organizations

“When the best leader’s work is done the people say, we did it ourselves.” – Lao Tzu

Multicultural leader development through cultural fluency

You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” – Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee

Today’s best leaders know that, in order to stay competitive, they must invest in leadership development, and frequently re-evaluate and tune up their leadership skills

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State-of-the-art Behavioral Coaching for True World-Class Leaders

6-Month Coaching Program

Behavioral Coaching is a practical and proven method
→ Dr. Z provides top-rated leadership training for high-potential leaders
→ Dr. Z is focused on helping executives achieve and sustain long-term, positive behavioral change
→ Dr. Z designs customized 360° inventories that reinforce leadership skills
→ Dr. Z thoroughly follows up and measures the results of coaching or training through a proprietary survey process

Dr. Z’s 12 month coaching program

Great leaders do more than just lead, they influence–positively.
Leadership coaching starts with establishing trust and building rapport. Many, subtle changes may be needed for leadership to become more effective. It’s Dr. Z’s job to help you discover them and guide you through their identification. This takes motivation on your part, but it’s the trust we build together that will produce the expected results. Trust between you and your coach transforms you into an effective and influential leader.

Customized to Your Precise Needs
Each of Dr. Z’s coaching programs is tailored to your specific leadership style and to the areas where you need to improve effectiveness. Dr. Z has developed a tried and tested method for identifying leadership strengths and blind spots, starting from What IS and building up to What WILL BE.

Dr. Z’s 7-hour intensive program

Influence Is the Key Skill in Leadership
When you are looking to create change in your environment, the skill you need most is the ability to influence. In buying and selling, influence is king. In promoting ideas, influence rules. Nothing will improve your life more than acquiring the ability to influence.
Dr. Z’s clients learn how to influence their environment in a positive, results-oriented, most effective way.

The Brain-Based Program

Communication Is the Connective Tissue of Leadership
Great leaders know communication is more than talking. It is the one of the best ways to gain and use influence. Effective communication is one of the most important skill a leader can possess. Effective leaders present their ideas clearly and positively influence their peers and teams. Technology is changing the ways we communicate and changing the way people receive and process information. It is important to understand the changes that are occurring in people’s behaviors, such as the shorter attention span and multiple distractions that can be induced by social media and modern communication gadgets.

Dr. Z’s Cultural Leadership program

Connecting with People Is the Pinnacle of Leadership
Effective communication skills foster the ability to connect with people on their terms. The ability to recognize different personalities and behaviors will help you better connect and resonate with the people around you. When you add in the skill of active listening, you’ll be able to make a lasting impact and positively influence people.

Dr. Z’s coaching style is warm and personal

Leadership Skills Must Be Customized to Your Needs and Strengths
Dr. Z’s coaching programs are designed to guide a motivated leader to actively listen and correctly interpret information, respond with the most appropriate message, and have the greatest impact. You will learn to speak with your own voice and energy to successfully communicate with anyone, anywhere. With the right communication techniques, you can go beyond communicating and move toward inspiring and influencing others.

Your confidentiality is strictly maintained

Your name and the name of your organization will never be shared with anyone. Dr. Z’s case studies are thoroughly anonymous to ensure your privacy. Dr. Z does not publish a client list that could identify any one executive.

Dr. Z’s coaching is truly open-ended

Many of Dr. Z’s coaching relationships stretch back for years. There is no obligation to continue or come back, yet many of Dr. Z’s clients choose to stick around and utilize his services again and again, as needed.

No outside faculty! You will work directly and only with Dr. Z

Dr. Z will share with you how to best utilize the science of communication. He will show you how to move from communication that misses the mark, to communication that promotes trust, growth and innovation. This will create a whole new level of mutual engagement and impact with your own clients. And you will always only see Dr. Z. No outside faculty!

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I’m passionate about supporting you in enhancing your leadership skills. I’m glad you’re here. Welcome to the conversation.


My mission is clear. I want to help people change their behavior, learn to behave better for their own sake and for the sake of their families and colleagues. As PhD-level clinician and coach, I can help you understand how your negative core beliefs trigger negative behaviors. Through simple and practical advice, I help you identify core beliefs that must be changed, assist you in changing them, and ensure that the changes are sustainable over time.

My Mission

Real coaching by a real coach

Top reasons to hire Dr. Z as your behavioral coach
→ Dr. Z’s Ph.D. in Psychology and two decades of corporate experience leading large businesses means he understands the pressures, challenges, and rewards of managing large numbers of people, multiple projects and sizable portfolios
→ Dr. Z has a solid reputation as an outstanding behavioral coach for C-Suite Executives, Directors, Senior Leaders and Business Owners
→ Dr. Z has coached executives from around the world and dozens of industries. He understands the needs and wants of a wide variety of leaders from different cultures, nationalities, personalities, skill levels, and backgrounds
→ Dr. Z is qualified as a coach and continuously pursues high-level continuing education in his field
→ Dr. Z customizes each private session to the client’s unique style and circumstances
→ Dr. Z’s extensive life experiences give him the ability to see the client’s career from a new angle and to help the client view it from a fresh perspective
→ Dr. Z’s coaching is just as effective over the phone or Skype as it is in person, making location irrelevant
→ Dr. Z’s best form of advertising is past clients referring new clients